Creating a simple terrain

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An Advanced Map
1. Introduction and goals of the tutorial
2. Necessary map declarations
3. Caulk hull
4. Creating a simple terrain
5. Adding an atmosphere
6. Adding player spawns
7. Adding base structures
8. Adding base vehicles
9. Creating a constructible Bridge
10. Adding an MCP escort objective
11. Adding a Shield Generator hack objective
12. Creating a destructible objective
13. Adding Objective spawns and vehicles
14. Info Objectives
15. Deployzones
16. Playzones
17. Masks
18. Barebones Map script
19. Creating a command map
20. Levelshot

For now a flat terrain is fine to drive and run around on. The example map already has a flat terrain set up. The terrain mesh was added to a map via the Terrain Editor. Here's how...

  • Open the Terrain Editor inspector (SHIFTN)
  • Right-click (RMB) on the empty field on the left side, and choose New > Tree...
  • Select the new Root node. Scroll down the property list on the right until you find the "Model" field.
  • Browse to the following terrain model: models/terrain/sdk/etqwmap.lwo.

Some guidelines on making your own terrain model can be found on here.