Adding player spawns

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An Advanced Map
1. Introduction and goals of the tutorial
2. Necessary map declarations
3. Caulk hull
4. Creating a simple terrain
5. Adding an atmosphere
6. Adding player spawns
7. Adding base structures
8. Adding base vehicles
9. Creating a constructible Bridge
10. Adding an MCP escort objective
11. Adding a Shield Generator hack objective
12. Creating a destructible objective
13. Adding Objective spawns and vehicles
14. Info Objectives
15. Deployzones
16. Playzones
17. Masks
18. Barebones Map script
19. Creating a command map
20. Levelshot

We are almost ready to play our map, but first we need to add some player spawns. Lets add some GDF spawns to the southern region of the map, where we would like our GDF base. GDF spawns are "info_team_gdf_spawn". By adding them you should see a player model appear, handy for orientating them in the world.

Entity keys

For our GDF spawns, lets make them parachute spawns by adding a key pair of parachute1. It is not necessary to offset parachute spawns vertically from the ground. However, if you would like the players to parachute or fall from greater heights, feel free to raise them a little.

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