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Class Tree


This class may be used in the GUIs. It will inherit all properties, flags, functions and events from UIWindow.

Window type:

type radialmenu;


UIRadialMenu Properties


UIRadialMenu Flags


General Functions

insertItem                         Insert an item into a page.
insertPage                         Insert a new page.
getItemData                        Get item data.
clear                              Clear all pages.
clearPage                          Clear all page items.
pushPage                           Push page on stack, make it the current page and reset mouse position. Calls onPagePushed event.
popPage                            Pop the stack of pages. Current page is the page on the top after popping.
clearPageStack                     Clear the page stack.
postCommand                        Post a command with the command data for the item.
loadFromDef                        Load a radial menu from def files.
appendFromDef                      Load a radial menu page from def files.
fillFromEnumerator                 Fill menu from an enumerator.
transitionItemVec4                 Transition for an item.
getItemTransitionVec4Result        Get the result from a transition given a property type.
clearTransitions                   Clear transitions.


onCommand                          Called when the given input command occurs. The game script calls these commands to control navigation within the quick chat.
onMeasureItem                      Measure the item size before drawing.
onDrawItem                         Draw a quick chat item.
onDrawContext                      Draw the context button (centered in the radial menu).
onDrawDeadZone                     Not used.
onPagePushed                       Called when the player enters a new page.
onPagePopped                       Called when the player exits a page. currentPage will be -1 if there is no valid page.