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The most common window type can be used to draw text or materials within its rectangle.

In many places it is also used just for managing other windows, handling events and timelines.

This class may be used in the GUIs. It will inherit all properties, flags, functions and events from UIObject_Drawable.

Window type:

type window;


// Define properties required to display the warmup text at the center of the screen.
windowDef warmupLabel {
	_big_text_props // Template: Sets the font size.
	properties {
		rect rect = 0, CENTER_Y - 28, SCREEN_WIDTH, 16;
		wstring text = player.matchStatus; // The text we're displaying
		float visible	= gui.respawnLabel.visible == false && player.warmup && player.commandmapstate == 0 && player.commandmapstate == 0 && player.scoreboardActive == false && globals.gameHud.hideCrosshairCounter == 0;
		float flags = immediate( flags ) | WF_DROPSHADOW;


UIWindow Properties


UIWindow Flags


General Functions

attachRenderCallback               Attach a render callback to the drawing of the window.
attachInputHandler                 Attach an input handler for the window.
drawMaterial                       Draw a material.
drawRenderCallback                 Call the draw render callback for the given render callback handle.
drawCachedMaterial                 Draw cached material.
getCachedMaterialDimensions        Get the width and height of the material.
drawMaterialInfo                   Draw material. Get data from the material info.
drawMaterialArc                    Draw an arc.
drawTimer                          Draw a timer, used by the grenade indicator and progress indicators by the crosshair.
drawText                           Draw text.
measureText                        Measure the text.
measureLocalizedText               Measure the text.
drawTiledMaterial                  Draw a tiled material.
drawLocalizedText                  Text to be drawn.
drawLine                           Draw a line.
requestLayout                      Request the window layout to be calculated again.
drawRect                           Draw a rectangle.
nextTabStop                        Get the next tab stop for the specified window.
prevTabStop                        Get the previous tab stop for the specified window.
setTabStop                         Focuses the nth tab stop.
containsPoint                      Checks if the (world-based) point is in the client rectangle.
cacheRenderCallback                Return a reference to a render callback.
clipToRect                         Clip subsequent drawing to the clipping rectangle. Must be ended with unclipRect after clipped drawing is finished.
unclipRect                         Remove clipping to rectangle specified in clipToRect.
pushColor                          Push a color on the GUI's color stack.
pushColorComponents                Push a color on the GUI's color stack.
popColor                           Pop a color from the GUI's color stack.
drawShaderParm                     Set a shader parm value.
isVisible                          Check if self is visible.


onPreDraw                          Called before the window is about to draw. The event is often used for doing custom text and material drawing instead of the default drawing.
onPostDraw                         Called after gamecode has finished drawing.
onPostChildDraw                    Called after all descendants have finished drawing.
onMouseMove                        Called when the mouse moves.
onMouseEnter                       Called when the mouse enters the window.
onMouseExit                        Called when the mouse exits the window.
onKeyUp                            Called when a key is depressed.
onKeyDown                          Called when a key is pressed.
onKeyUpBind                        Called when keys using the bind is depressed.
onKeyDownBind                      Called when keys usng the bind is pressed
onShow                             When the visible property is changed to true.
onHide                             When The hide property is changed to false.
onGainFocus                        The window has gained focus.
onLoseFocus                        The window has lost focus
onDoubleClick                      Mouse is double clicked within the window's rectangle.
onActivate                         This happens when the GUI is activated.
onQueryToolTip                     Used to set a tooltip which will be shown when the mouse os hovering over the window.
onNavForward                       Called when any key bound to the _menuNavForward is pressed
onNavBackward                      Called when any key bound to the _menuNavBackward is pressed
onAccept                           Called when any key bound to the _menuAccept is pressed
onCancel                           Called when any key bound to the _menuCancel is pressed