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Class Tree


This class is abstract and may not be used directly in the GUIs. Any classes deriving from this class will inherit all its properties, flags, functions and events.


UIObject Properties


UIObject Flags


General Functions

setParent                          Sets a new parent for the window.
isChild                            Checks if the window is a child (possibly indirectly a child) of the the window supplied as the first parameter.
changeZOrder                       Change the drawing order for the window.
postNamedEvent                     Post a named event on the window.
postOptionalNamedEvent             Post a named event on the window. Will not give error if the named event does not exist.


onCreate                           Called on window creation
onNamedEvent                       Called when one of the events specified occurs
onPropertyChanged                  Called when one of the properties specified occurs
onCVarChanged                      Called when one of the CVars' value changes