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Class Tree


This class may be used in the GUIs. It will inherit all properties, flags, functions and events from UIWindow.

Window type:

type iconNotification;


UIIconNotification Properties


UIIconNotification Flags


General Functions

addIcon                            Add an icon to the list of notify icons.
removeIcon                         Remove an icon from the list of notify icons.
clear                              Clear all notification icons.
getFirstItem                       Get the first notification icon.
bumpIcon                           Bump a notify icon.
fillFromEnumerator                 Fill list of notify icons from an enumerator.
setItemData                        Set item data.
getItemData                        Get item data.
getItemText                        Get item text.
setItemText                        Set item text.
getItemAtPoint                     Get item at position. Often used to get the list item under the cursor.


onIconAdded                        Called when an item has been added.
onIconRemoved                      Called when an item has been removed.
onPreDrawIcon                      Called before drawing an icon with the item handle specified.