Player Spawns

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All spawn points are created in an identical fashion - by creating the required info_team_gdf_spawn, info_team_strogg_spawn or info_spectator_spawn entity as appropriate.

All spawns can be rotated or targetted so players face the correct direction when they spawn.

Player Spawns

Player spawns should generally be placed on just above the ground they need to spawn at. If it is an outside spawn and you want players to deploy from a height via a parachute or Strogg shield, move the entity high above the ground and set the parachute key on each spawn entity to 1; when the player spawns, their parachute will be opened automatically.

Spectator Spawns

If there are no spectator spawns, spectators will start spectating at the first player spawn the game finds. So it is preferable to place an info_spectator_spawn entity overlooking the map to give them a pleasant view. If necessary, use a target_null entity as the target to point it in a specific direction.

Capturable spawns

The Capturable Spawns article explains how to set up a spawn area that a team can capture in order to spawn there.