Entity func static

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A brush model that just sits there, doing nothing. Can be used for conditional walls and models.

Entity Keys

classname func_static

solid boolean
whether the object should be solid or not.
hide boolean
whether the object should be visible when spawned. you need to set a value for triggering on/off to work
disableClip boolean
whether the object should start with the clipping diabled - equivalent to calling forceDisableClip from script on spawn
gui GUI
gui attached to this entity
gui2 GUI
a second gui attached to this entity
gui3 GUI
a second gui attached to this entity
model variable
model to use for this item. if blank, a model is generated from the entity's brushwork
gui_noninteractive boolean
any gui attached will not be interactive
noclipmodel boolean
0 by default. Sets whether or not to generate a collision model for an ASE/LWO func_static at level load. (Set to 1 for stuff the player can't interact with. This will save memory.)
inline boolean
If true, turn the model into map geometry at dmap time
pushIntoConnectedOutsideAreas boolean
If true, the model will only be visible in the area its origin is in, as well as connected outside areas
noScriptObject boolean
1 by default. Set to 0 for dynamic in-game entities you need to change state in script
networkSync boolean
If true, send entity state information over the network to ensure clients see it change
sun_ascension variable
when the sun is under this angle, the entity will be visible

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