Entity model static

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Used to put a static model in a map, it will be converted into surfaces in the proc file.

The easiest way to use this entity in editWorld is to use the 'New Model Static...' entry in the 2D View context menu, which will allow you to browser through models for placement.

Entity Keys

classname model_static

noclipmodel boolean
0 by default. Sets whether or not to generate a collision model for an ASE/LWO func_static at compile time. (Set to 1 for stuff the player can't interact with. This will save memory.)
mergecm boolean
0 by default. Sets whether or not to merge the generated collision model into the world model. Set to 1 for faster collision checking. The tradeoff is that multiple instances will not share the same collision data, requiring more memory.
model variable
model to use for this item. if blank, a model is generated from the entity's brushwork

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