Windows Code Notes

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Build Environment

You can use the free Visual Studio 2005 Express edition to compile the SDK. Please note that the newly-released Visual Studio 2008 Express is currently untested with the SDK.

Running the Game

You can find the final gamex86.dll in source\build\win32\<configuration name>\ Copy it to the same folder as your etqw.exe and the game will automatically load your new dll.

We recommend setting up a post-build event to automatically copy the dll to the game folder.

Project Configurations

The game project has three configurations:

Debug with Edit and Continue

Disable all optimizations and enable Edit and Continue so that code can be modified and the changes applied without restarting the game. Some operations like compiling scripts will take noticeably longer in this mode.

Debug with Inlines

Optimizations are enabled; some functions will be inlined. You'll still be able to properly set breakpoints and inspect data.


All Optimizations are enabled. Breakpoints and data may not reliably match up to the source code.