Screenshot Placement

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Placement Entities

The game has several entities specifically designed for taking screenshots with. These are known as placement entities. A placement entity can be posed in a lot of unusual ways to create cool screenshots that would otherwise be incredibly time consuming to capture in live-gameplay.

Player placements

To begin, place a placement_player_gdf or placement_player_strogg entity into the map where you wish the player to stand, and orient it in the direction you wish his feet to face.

Entity setup

To set the player class of a placement_player_gdf entity, create a new key/value pair using one of the following values:

  • model models/players/gdf/soldier - Soldier
  • model models/players/gdf/medic - Medic
  • model models/players/gdf/engineer - Engineer
  • model models/players/gdf/fieldops - FieldOps
  • model models/players/gdf/ranger - Ranger

To set the class of a placement_player_strogg entity, create a new key/value pair of one of the following:

  • model models/players/strogg/aggressor - Aggressor
  • model models/players/strogg/meditech - Meditech
  • model models/players/strogg/constructor - Constructor
  • model models/players/strogg/oppressor - Oppressor
  • model models/players/strogg/infiltrator - Infiltrator

Animation setup

See Animation Editor below.

Please note: You must set an animation on the model for it to appear as a wireframe mesh in the editor.

Weapon Model setup

To set the weapon model, use the following tags.

  • weapon_model worldmodel_machinepistol - The weapon model to use
  • weapon_joint RightHand - The joint on the player the weapon will attach to

Player Model setup

  • waist_yaw 0 - The yaw of the player's waist
  • waist_pitch 0 - The pitch of the player's waist ( positive = down )
  • weapon_effect fx_muzzle_flash_machinepistol - The effect to play on the weapon
  • weapon_effect_joint machine_pistol_muzzle - The joint to play the effect on the weapon
  • weapon_effect_wait 0.1 - How long until the effect starts again

The key linked to by weapon_effect must be added to the "placement_weapon" entityDef in the /base/def/placement.def file.

Animation Editor

Radiant provides a new tool window called the "Animation Editor." Select an entity that has animations available. A list of animations will appear, as well as a frame count.

You can drag the slider bar below the animation list to change the current frame, or manually enter a number and press ENTER in the edit control to the left of the slider.

The "Play" button will start the animation looping until you press it again. You can adjust the FPS the animation is played back at, though this will not have any effect on the playback in the game.

IMPORTANT You can deselect an entity and the animation editor will still keep track of it. This allows you to move freely around, and not have the selection highlights in the way. Press the "Clear" button to fully deselect the entity.

Placing Cameras

Place a placement_camera into the map. You can position and rotate it like you would any other entity.

You can also position the view more accurately by choosing the camera from Radiant's new "Camera" menu. Any movement/view adjustments in the camera window will automatically be transfered to the camera.

Choose "Default Camera" to return to Radiant's normal camera view.

Cameras support the following keys:

  • fov90 - sets the field of view (the default is 90)

Selecting Cameras

When in the game, there are three console commands you can use to set your current view to a camera

  • camera [name] - Sets the current camera. If no name is given, it clears any camera set.
  • cameraNext - Cycles through the cameras
  • cameraPrev - Cycles through the cameras