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This version of renderBump generates normal maps suitable for mapping on surfaces like standard textures. The model file should contain geometry which forms a generally 2D surface. The model file does not need to have texture coordinates, but you should save it with normals if you don’t want the entire thing to be smooth shaded. The generated normal map will be saved to "<modelFile>_local.tga". To use the following command should be run in the console:

RenderBumpFlat [OPTION] modelFile

 -size <width> <height>
  • -size sets output resolution, (defaults to 256 by 256 if not specified).
  • -heightmap writes out a grayscale heightmap TGA.
  • -floatHeightmap writes out a 32-bit floating point RAW heightmap file (more accurate than a TGA).

For example, to render a 1024x1024 normal map, you would use this command:

renderbumpFlat -size 1024 1024 models/mymodel.lwo

This would output to ETQW base folder/models/mymodel_local.tga

  • In Lightwave the Back viewport (XY) is the direction of the renderbump traces.
  • In Max it is the Front viewport (pointing in negative Y)
  • RenderBumpFlat supports the ability to render at higher resolutions then you would normally be limited to through your screen resolution, so 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 are now possible (depending on video card).
  • RenderBumpFlat automatically performs 16x oversampling, so the resulting image should be sufficiently anti-aliased, it also generates a color map by default.