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In-Game Models

These are the models that are displayed by the engine.

For a full explanation, see In-Game Models.

High-Poly Models

Source models for creating normal maps.

For a full explanation, see High-Poly Models.


The RenderBump tools generate normal maps directly from detailed polygonal geometry.

For a full explanation, see Renderbump.


MD5 LOD can be used to add lower-poly models which get swapped in as view distance from the object increases.

For a full explanation, see MD5 LOD.


Imposters are a way of more cheaply rendering complex models in the distance. Distant models are replaced by a special sprite, this sprite is rendered using a bump and diffuse map so it can be lit like the real thing. These maps can be automatically generated using the imposter tool. In ETQW, imposters are generally used for rendering trees, bushes and other foliage cheaply in the distance.

For a full explanation, see Imposters.