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MegaGen is the in-game tool for generating uncompressed, un-lit MegaTexture tiles. It loads a Surface Tree, analyses the nodes and texture layers, and renders out sets of 4096x4096 pixel diffuse and local normal-map textures.

Output files can be found in the base game folder under maps/<mapname>_x_y.tga, where x and y denote the tile number (0,0 being top left).

MegaBuild Options

  • Resolution - the final MegaTexture's width and height in pixels.
    • Same as -r <resolution> on the command line
  • Render hidden nodes - this will render all nodes, even if they're hidden by the designer
    • Same as -renderHidden on the command line

Memory Cache

  • st_imageCacheSize - amount of system RAM used for caching textures. The bigger this is, the faster compiles will go.
    • 32-bit EXEs should only use up to around 1.5GB or so (1536).
    • 64-bit EXEs can use up to around 7GB (7168) (This is on a machine with 8GB of memory, more could be used if more is available. Safe bet is to use at least a GB less than there is physical memory available).

Video Cache

  • st_imageCacheVidMemSize - amount of video RAM used for caching textures. This shouldn't be more than half of your card's RAM.