Entitykeys speaker

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s_shader sound
the sound shader or wavefile.
overlayDemonic variable
set to 1 overlays the demonic sound instead of replacing it.
s_waitfortrigger variable
play on load or play when triggered.
s_volume variable
override shader volume level.
s_minDistance variable
override shader minDistance.
s_maxDistance variable
override shader maxDistance.
s_omni variable
force omnidirectional
s_looping variable
force looping
s_occlusion variable
force no portal occlusion
s_global variable
force no falloff at all
s_shakes variable
this entity can make the screen shake when the sound is loud.
s_singleArea variable
falloff only when outside of the area this speaker is in.
wait variable
when set > 0, seconds between triggerings. time between sounds is wait + or - random
random variable
wait variance.