Entitykeys func door

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lip variable
lip remaining at end of move.(DEPRECATED)
health variable
if set, the door must be shot open.
triggersize variable
Sets the amount the trigger extends from the door. Set to a large value to make the door open from further away.
angle variable
determines the opening direction.(DEPRECATED)
movedir variable
determines the opening direction. if set, 'angle' determines orientation.(DEPRECATED)
speed variable
movement speed. (DEPRECATED)
time variable
movement time in seconds. overrides speed. used for doors that move different distances, but still need to be synced.
move_delta variable
yz of delta for the door to move when triggered. By default, this is relative to the door's axis. Overrides movedir, lip and angle keys.
move_absolute variable
when 1, move_delta is interpreted in world space, rather than entity space. Does nothing if move_delta is not also defined.
no_touch boolean
the door should not be triggered by the player touching it, only by another trigger. in multiplayer, this door can't be shot to open.
wait boolean
wait (in seconds) before returning/closing.
toggle boolean
set to 1 to make the door wait at each position until triggered again.
reverse_on_block boolean
when set to 1, the door will reverse back to its previous state if it gets blocked. if not it will wait until the obstruction is removed
snd_locked sound
sound to play if door is locked and player approaches.
snd_open sound
sound to play when opening.
snd_close sound
sound to play when closing.
snd_opened sound
looping sound for its opened state.