Entitykeys func animate

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anim variable
anim to play when triggered. (unless 'num_anims' is set)
start_anim variable
anim to play when first spawned. anim will loop until triggered.
num_anims variable
the number of anims to play in sequence. trigger entity to start next anim. set anims using 'anim1', 'anim2', 'anim3', etc. Triggers targets when done playing animl.
blend_in variable
how long to transition from the start_anim to the triggered anim.
wait variable
how long to wait before auto activating. -1 means only activate when triggered.
cycle variable
how many times to play the animation after being triggered (use -1 for infinite).
remove boolean
set to 1 to remove object when animation finishes.
target variable
all entities with a matching name will be used after anim plays.
hide boolean
if 1, object remains hidden until triggered. doesn't work when 'start_anim' is set.
sound_bone variable
Bone to play sounds from.
loop_last_anim variable
Loops the last anim when 'num_anims' is set. the next trigger will cause the entity to hide, or be removed if 'remove' is set.
auto_advance variable
When 'num_anims' is set, won't wait to be triggered between each anim.