Entitykeys bot action

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active variable
Does this action start the map out active or inactive?
activeForever variable
Once activated, does this action stay on forever? If true - wont be turned off in scipt, unless done so directly.
vehicleType variable
What vehicle type, if any, can bot use to reach/complete this goal.
groupID variable
The action group this action belongs to. Allows the turning on/off of multiple actions in the script.
validClasses variable
The player class types that can do this action.
  1. REDIRECT Botaction validClasses
actionTime variable
How long, in seconds, a bot should do this action once reached. EX: you want the bot to camp here for 30 seconds, set to 30.
posture variable
The bot's stance when it reaches this action.
Value Definition
3 randomly STAND or CROUCH
humanGoal variable
The goal that human bots can do here. Its legal to have an action that has different strogg/human goals. Check manual for goal numbers
stroggGoal variable
The goal that strogg bots can do here. Its legal to have an action that has different strogg/human goals. Check manual for goal numbers
targetRouteID variable
Any route starts that have a routeID number that matches this, can be used by the bot.
radius variable
The radius of this action - determines how close the bot has to be to this action point before it considers it reached.
VOChat variable
They type of chat the bot should say if he selects this action as his goal. Check the manual for chat numbers
teamOwner variable
Which team owns this action. Used for forward spawn points.

Botaction teamOwner

deployableType variable
What kind of deployable you want spawned here. Obviously only used for deployable actions.
disguiseSafe variable
Should a covert in disguise do this enemy team goal? Only applies to camps and roams.
weaponType variable
What kind of weapon should a bot have to do this action? Only applies to infantry camp actions.
Value Definition
-1 (default) Doesn't matter
0 GPMG/Hyperblaster
1 Rocket Launcher
leanDir variable
Is this action a good place to lean from? Default is -1, which is no leaning. Only works for camp actions.
blindFire variable
Should the bot blindly fire its firesupport? Only used for fire support hints. Default is 0, which is no blind firing.
priority variable
By default, if an enemy is near an objective action ( plant, hack, build, etc ), bots nearby will stop what they're doing and try to protect that action. Set this to 0 for objective actions you dont want the bots to worry about.
requiresVehicle variable
If set to 1, the bots wont do this action unless they can find a vehicle of vehicleType. Default is 0.
noHack variable
If set to 1, the bots wont try to hack any deployable inside this action's radius. Default is 0, so bots hack all actions. This is useful if you have deployables inside a base that would be dangerous for the other team to hack.