Entity trigger multiple

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Variable sized repeatable trigger. Must be targeted at one or more entities.

Entity Keys

classname trigger_multiple

wait variable
seconds between triggerings. Use '-1' to indicate one time only.
random variable
wait variance. trigger waits wait + or - random after firing targets before triggering again.
delay variable
seconds to wait before firing after triggered.
random_delay variable
delay variance. trigger waits delay + or - random_delay before firing targets.
call variable
script function to call when triggered.
requires variable
item required in players inventory to fire.
removeItem variable
if above item is removed from inventory when used.
anyTouch variable
anything can touch it, players, mobs.
noTouch variable
cannot be touched, must be triggered.
triggerFirst variable
don't activate until triggered.
noClient variable
can't be touched by players, but can be touched by other entities (func_activators, for instance).

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