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A sound source.

These entities should be placed throughout a map in order to populate it with sound.

Sounds can be either looped (e.g. for the sound of rain, whirring machinery, trickling water) or not (e.g. an explosion, a click, the whir of a door opening.) When a sound is triggered, it will either start the sound playing (if it isn't already), or stop the sound playing (if it is set to loop.)

Random Sounds

By setting a value for the wait key, a sound can be set to automatically play at specific intervals. For example, a value of '5' would make the sound play every 5 seconds.

This can be randomised by setting a value for the random key. For example, if wait is set to '5' and random set to '2', the game will wait between 3 and 7 seconds to play the sound again. This is useful for random events such as thunder, computer bleeps, or gusts of wind.

Entity Keys

classname speaker

s_shader sound
the sound shader or wavefile.
overlayDemonic variable
set to 1 overlays the demonic sound instead of replacing it.
s_waitfortrigger variable
play on load or play when triggered.
s_volume variable
override shader volume level.
s_minDistance variable
override shader minDistance.
s_maxDistance variable
override shader maxDistance.
s_omni variable
force omnidirectional
s_looping variable
force looping
s_occlusion variable
force no portal occlusion
s_global variable
force no falloff at all
s_shakes variable
this entity can make the screen shake when the sound is loud.
s_singleArea variable
falloff only when outside of the area this speaker is in.
wait variable
when set > 0, seconds between triggerings. time between sounds is wait + or - random
random variable
wait variance.

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