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Assigns names/titles to areas of a map, for use in-game.

This entity lets you give areas of a map a name - such as 'West Sewer stairwell' - as used for chat messages and player location indicators. The 'location_name' key refers to a locString in a .locstr file, which in turn refers to a string id from a localised .lang file.

Entity Keys

classname info_location

range_min variable
Range within which you will only get location name
range_max variable
Range within which this location is valid
commandmap variable
Controls whether this will create commandmap text
commandmap_name variable
Text to display on the commandmap
location_name variable
Name of this location
interior variable
If set, will limit this location to within the building it is placed in
waypoint variable
If set, this location will have a waypoint

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