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Class Tree


An edit window should be used to get text input from the player. It is used for entering a server password, player name, clan tag, renaming the fireteam and chat text among other things. If the edit window should support non ASCII characters then editw should be used instead.

Templates are used to decrease the amount of text needed to create an edit box, the _edit and _end_edit templates should be used.

This class may be used in the GUIs. It will inherit all properties, flags, functions and events from UIWindow.

Window type:

type edit;


_edit( createServerName, 100, 0, 100, BUTTON_HEIGHT )
	_cvar_set_edit( si_name )
	_draw_left_edit_label( localize( "guis/mainmenu/servername" ), COLOR_TEXT, 100 )
	properties {
		float maxTextLength = 30;


UIEdit Properties


UIEdit Flags


General Functions

clearText                          Clear all window text.
isWhitespace                       Check whitespaces, ignores all color codes.
insertText                         Insert text into the edit box.
surroundSelection                  Select certain substring.
anySelected                        Check if any of the edit text is selected.
selectAll                          Select all text in the edit box.


onInputFailed                      Called if typing any characters that breaks the EF_ALLOW_DECIMAL/EF_INTEGERS_ONLY flags.