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This page serves as a list of common issues that you may encounter while creating or editing a map of your own. Solutions or workarounds are provided wherever possible. Bugs and bug reports do not belong here! If you encounter an issue that is not answered or listed on this page, you are advised to try one of the support sites for guidance. Alternatively, try the talk page for this topic.

  • Note: This page assumes you are using the default key shortcuts.
  • See also How do I page for a quick reference to common tasks.

General Questions

How do I run the SDK?

After you've installed the ETQW SDK, you can launch it by running the 'SDK Launcher' shortcut from the Start Menu (it's usually found in 'Programs > id Software > Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars(TM) SDK')

How do I configure the SDK Launcher?

The SDK Launcher requires a retail path and a save path. These should typically be the place where you installed ETQW, for example 'C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars'

How do I launch the level editor, editWorld?

On the SDK Launcher, tick the 'editWorld' tickbox and then press 'Launch SDK'. This will load the game and it's built-in editor.

Alternatively, you can run the SDK build of the game and use the editWorld console command.

Editor Issues

I can't select a brush/surface

You're too close! Try moving the camera further away from the object you're trying to select. Otherwise the editor will assume you're intentionally inside the object and therefore don't want to select it.

I can only select one object and not anything underneath it

Shift-clicking to select an object only lets you select the 'nearest' (or 'topmost') object, be it a brush, surface or entity. Use AltShiftLMB to drill down through multiple objects, to the one you want to select.

I pressed something and everything vanished

You may have accidentally hidden them. Pressing H hides the selected objects. Pressing CtrlShiftH hides all the unselected objects. Pressing ShiftH brings them all back. If that didn't do it, try CtrlZ to undo the last edit you made.

I can't stretch brushes anymore, only move them

You may have accidentally turned the 'Move selection mode (no size)' option on. Toggle it by pressing W.

'Nothing to build'

Usually, you can stretch brushes by dragging from one of its surfaces using the mouse. However, if the surface you're trying to move is at a strange angle, or the brush is malformed, then you are not allowed to stretch it. This can often be overcome by selecting the brush and using CtrlG to snap its vertices to the grid.

editWorld crashes when I load big maps (or lots of small ones)

This is most often caused by low memory. Try using the 'Open Low Memory' command from the File menu instead and see if that works. It is advised to have at least 1GB of memory when editing large maps, and 2GB or more is preferable.

A brush shows up as red in vertex manipulation mode

This indicates that the brush is malformed, and hence editWorld will only let you fix or delete it. All brushes must have sides that are completely flat, and form a convex object (i.e. there aren't any holes or dents). Usually this can be fixed by selecting the object and pressing CtrlG, which will snap its vertices to the grid and tries to fix any errors. If this doesn't work, you are best off deleting the brush and creating a new one.

How do I compile my map?

From the 'Compile' menu of editWorld, select '1 - Compile'. Remember to watch the console (O) for any warnings or errors - these will appear in yellow and red.

'WARNING: Couldn't load image:'

This often happens when trying to select a texture that doesn't actually exist. Currently the SDK refers to many textures that were not shipped with the game. You are advised to simply ignore these textures.

'WARNING: Failed to load image program:'

As above.

Textures show up as red or yellow squares

As above - this happens when the texture images don't exist, or when there is a problem with the material file.

The atmosphere doesn't display in Render mode

Check that your Render mode's atmosphere settings are correct - you can do this by clicking the drop-down menu arrow on the right of this button: Show the atmosphere in Render mode. You should choose "atmosphere (<atmos name>)" if you have an Atmosphere entity in your map. You should only need to do this once, it will save the setting with the .world file.

You can also use this button to try out different atmospheres without changing the map's atmosphere entity.

Compile Issues

'Warning: No entities in open -- no filling'

There aren't any entities in the map. You need at least one. Try adding an info_player_start entity to get started.

'Warning: entity reached from outside -- no filling'

There is an entity on the outside of the map, in the void. This is the same problem as a leak (see below.)

'Warning: (entity name): Entity leaked'

This means either a) you have an entity outside your map, or b) you have a 'leak' in your map. When you get this error, editWorld will indicate in the 3D view which entity leaked, and the path it leaked through. If you follow the path, it should lead you to a hole in your map - which might be a missing wall or ceiling, or just a tiny gap between brushes that leads to the void outside. Any holes or gaps must be sealed. This error will occur once for each leak in your map.

Remember that entities, patches and even some special textures do not seal the level - you need to have brushwork (even just using the caulk texture) to stop entities leaking into the void. Use the leak path to work out where the leak is occurring.

My map takes hours and hours to compile

This often happens if you have large brushes in your level with tiling textures on them, since the compiler needs to split it up into smaller chunks. Try increasing the texture scale, reducing the size of the brush, or cutting the brush up into smaller parts yourself. (This does not apply to brushes with 'special' textures, such as caulk hulls.)

Game Issues

The game can't see my map

First, ensure that your map has compiled correctly and is in the correct directory - there should be a few files named, yourmap.entities, yourmap.cmb, and yourmap.procb in the base/maps folder of ETQW.

devmap only lists campaign maps

Use si_rules sdGameRulesObjective to change the game mode. devmap will then show non-campaign maps.

Alternatively, you can create a new campaign file in base\def\campaigns\ with your map specified in it, but this should only be used if you intend to create a campaign.

'spawn map denied: unknown campaign'

As above - set si_rules sdGameRulesObjective before trying to run your map.

I can't build constructibles or capture spawns

The game may still be in warmup mode - press f3 to confirm you're ready and the game should start after 30 seconds.

I made a door but it only opens sideways

Make sure the move_delta value is a vector, for example '0 0 128' (which is a vector indicating '0 units right, 0 units forwards and 128 units up')

Lighting Issues

My map is pitch-black

The area either lacks lights, has no ambience set, or is completely in shadow. If there are no lights, try adding some. Make sure they work in editWorld in Render Mode (usually toggled with F3).

My map is multi-coloured green and purple

This indicates that an ambience (light_ambient) has not been specified for the area, or has been given a bad ambience to use. Check that there is exactly one light_ambient entity in the affected area, and that it specifies an ambience (Ambient Cubemap) that is both valid and not meant to produce multicoloured lighting. Ambient Cubemaps _blank and _default produce this sort of lighting, so make sure you're not using those - try something like area22 instead.

Collision Issues


Graphical Issues

How do I make sky

Texture the brushes you want to appear as sky with the 'common/caulk' texture. You'll also need an 'atmosphere' entity in your level, specifying the atmosphere you wish to use.

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