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The MakeMegaTexture console command loads the tiles outputted by RenderLight, then compiles and compresses them to generate the final MegaTexture.

  • Will always look for a single large TGA before looking for tiles. Make sure to clean out the directory first!
  • Will use all tiles that sit in a folder (or try to). If you compile a large MegaTexture and a lower res one after, make sure to clean out the old tiles first!
  • The output file is in megatextures/mapname_lit.mega
  • Options
    • Best quality: enables the use of compression
    • Luminance, Chrominance, Alpha error:
      • The smaller these values, the bigger the final MegaTexture and the better the quality. A balance between size and quality must be found by adjusting these values.
      • Typically, Luminance will be a smaller value than Chrominance, which will be smaller than Alpha. Since we've been using 4 channel megatextures, our starting value has usually been -q 40 60 80, which produces approximately 500-600mb megatextures for most temperate maps. More arid maps usually compress better.
      • Same as -q <lum> <chrom> <alpha> on the command line
      • The alpha value is still required, but not used, when generating 3 channel MegaTextures
    • Baked Lighting
      • Same as -rgb on the command line.
      • If this is used, renderLight must have been run using -preMulLighting
      • This has only just gone in, so we don't have much experience using it - please let the programming team know of any issues you find.