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Welcome to the Splash Damage Editing Wiki. Here you'll find our official editing documentation for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. For the latest Splash Damage news and announcements, please visit The latest Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars news along with the official forums can be found at

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

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Getting Started

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  • A Simple First Map - Learn how to set up the SDK Launcher, and then get started on mapping out a basic room!
  • A Simple First Terrain - Follow the steps in this tutorial to build a terrain model for use in your Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars map!
  • A Simple First Megatexture - Already got a terrain model? Learn how to quickly apply a simple and natural-looking MegaTexture to your map!
  • An Advanced Map - Familiar with mapping? Learn how to set up more complex scripts and spawn points for an objective-based map!
  • How do I...? - Want to learn how to use the map editor more efficiently? Pick up tips and shortcuts in this quick reference guide.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Getting Started