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This is your quick reference guide for all those tasks you know are possible, but just can't quite remember how to do...

The commands listed below assume default key shortcuts.


  • Move the 2D view - drag with the RMB in a 2D view
  • Zoom the 2D view - use mouse wheel in a 2D view
  • Change the grid size - use the ] and [ keys, numbers 1 to 9 on the keyboard, or the 'Grid' menu
  • Place camera at cursor in 2D view - ctrlLMB on new camera position
  • Aim camera at cursor in 2D view - MMB at new camera target

General Editing

  • Create a brush - LMB-drag in a 2D view
  • Create an entity - RMB-click in a 2D view
  • Select an object - use shiftLMB or altshiftLMB
  • Select several objects (box-selection) - altLMB-drag a box around the objects to select.
  • Move an object - select it, then click LMB inside the object to drag around
  • Rotate an object - select it, then press ctrlR followed by ctrlX, ctrlY or ctrlZ (depending on axis)
  • Rotate an object arbitrarily - select it, then press R for rotation mode
  • Duplicate the selected object - press space
  • Delete the selected object - press backspace
  • Deselect an object - use shiftLMB
  • Deselect all - press Escape
  • Stretch a brush - select it, then LMB-click outside the brush to drag the nearest face
  • Shear a brush - select it, then use ctrlLMB outside the brush to drag the nearest face.
  • Vertex manipulate a brush or patch - select it, then press E or V
  • Clip/Slice a brush - select it, then use ctrlRMB to place clipping points (up to 3), and enter/shiftenter/ctrlenter to finish
  • Select a face - in the 3D view, use ctrlshiftLMB
  • Copy texture from a face - in the 3D view, with a target face selected, MMB-click on the face with the texture to copy
  • Copy texture to a face - in the 3D view, with a source face selected, ctrlMMB-click on the face with the texture to overwrite
  • Shift or rotate a texture - select the brush(es) or face(s) to modify, and press S for the surface inspector
  • Edit an entity's properties - select the entity and press N for the entity inspector
  • Export selected brushes as .obj - press ctrlE
  • Snap selected objects to grid - press ctrlG

Map Features

Map Technicalities

  • Create a LOD Group - go to the Groups Inspector (L), press the LOD Groups button and press the green plus sign.
  • Assign objects to a LOD Group - select the objects, then RMB on the LOD Group and choose 'Add Selection
  • Change the fade in/out distances of a LOD Group - select the LOD Group, then alter its MinVisDist and MaxVisDist settings

Map Organisation

  • Hide unselected objects - press ctrlshifth
  • Hide selected objects - press h
  • Show hidden objects - press shifth
  • Show/Hide Caulk - toggle with Alt6
  • Show/Hide Clips - toggle with Alt7
  • Show/Hide Entities - toggle with Alt2
  • Show/Hide Patches - toggle with ctrlp
  • Show/Hide References - toggle with altr


  • Toggle the real-time renderer - press F3
  • Load the game window - press F2
  • Load my map - get the game window up, go to the console, and use the devmap command (e.g. devmap mymap)

In-game console commands

The console can be accessed by pressing the tilde button (above the TAB key). Also see Developer cheats

  • Fly around - noclip toggles no clipping mode
  • Be invincible - god
  • Spawn a vehicle - spawn, e.g. spawn vehicle_husky
  • Render portal outlines - r_showPortals
  • Render face outline/wireframe - t_showTris
  • Render coloured batch groups - r_showBatches
  • Render occlusion tested objects - r_showOcclusions
  • Test vis distances - r_visDistOfs e.g. r_visDistOfs 16384 to be 16k units further away.