Entitykeys placement player

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anim variable
Animation to use
frame float
Frame of the animation to use
cycle boolean
Cycle the animation
model model
Model to use
skin variable
Skin to apply to the model
weapon_model model
Weapon def to spawn
weapon_joint variable
Joint to spawn the weapon on
weapon_effect variable
Effect to play on the weapon
weapon_effect_joint variable
Joint to play the weapon_effect on
weapon_effect_wait float
Delay between playing weapon_effects
joint1 variable
Joint name to adjust (use joint2, joint3, etc to adjust more)
joint1_pitch float
Pitch of joint1 (use joint1_pitch, etc to adjust more)
joint1_yaw float
Yaw of joint1 (use joint1_yaw, etc to adjust more)
joint1_roll float
Roll of joint1 (use joint1_roll, etc to adjust more)
waist_joint variable
Default 'Spine'
waist_pitch float
Pitch of the waist_joint
waist_yaw float
Yaw of the waist_joint
waist_roll float
Roll of the waist_joint
head_joint variable
Default 'Head'
head_pitch float
Pitch of the head_joint
head_yaw float
Yaw of the head_joint
head_roll float
Roll of the head_joint
neck_joint variable
Default 'Neck'
neck_pitch float
Pitch of the neck_joint
neck_yaw float
Yaw of the neck_joint
neck_roll float
Roll of the neck_joint