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Every map should have exactly one worldspawn.

The worldspawn entity describes properties of the map. Every map needs exactly one worldspawn entity, generated implicitly by editor when you create it.

The worldspawn entity may also contain the names of map entities to reference in the map script. For example, to reference entity 'myhouse_gun_emplacement' from a script, you should add the key 'script_emplacement' with value 'myhouse_gun_emplacement' to worldspawn's properties. You can then refer to the entity in your script using the method 'worldspawn.getEntityKey("script_emplacement")'. (Note: 'script_emplacement' could be any text at all, provided it is identical in both the map's worldspawn and the map's script)

Entity Keys

classname worldspawn

gravity variable
gravity value for the level.
_blocksize variable
Suggested value: 8192. Dmap always splits the BSP tree along the planes X=_blocksize*n and Y=_blocksize*n. Default _blocksize value is 1024. Increase the blocksize using larger powers of 2 to reduce compile times on very large maps with a low structural brush density.
flight_ceiling_lower variable
The collective starts to falloff beyond this height.
flight_ceiling_upper variable
The effect of the collective is zero at this height.

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