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A Light that does not cast light through outside portals.

Point-based entity that casts light on all surfaces, but does not pass through outside portals

Entity Keys

classname light_inside

color color
light color
texture material
light shader to use.
shaderParm3 variable
shaderParm 3
shaderParm4 variable
shaderParm 4
shaderParm5 variable
shaderParm 5
shaderParm6 variable
shaderParm 6
shaderParm7 variable
shaderParm 7
count variable
how many times light must be triggered to toggle.
break variable
break when triggered.
model model
model to use.
broken model
model to use when the light is broken (defaults to model name with '_broken' appended to name)
hideModelOnBreak variable
hides the model when broken
health variable
amount of damage to recieve before becoming broken. 0 is nonbreakable.
target variable
entities to trigger if shot.
levels variable
the number of times a light must be triggered until it turns off. Each time it's triggered, it's dimmed to a lower level.
start_off variable
causes the light to be off when the level starts.
snd_broken variable
sound shader to use when broken
mtr_broken variable
material to use when broken
inside variable
only effects areas which are inside

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