Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

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Welcome to the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars section. Here you'll find a variety of reference documentation and tutorials related to editing ETQW, along with links to the SDK. To learn more about Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, visit www.enemyterritory.com.

Software Development Kit

The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Software Development kit is currently in BETA. A list of download locations is available here.





  • Vehicle Tutorial - The whole thing! Click below for smaller segments.
    • Step 1 - Design considerations, before you do anything else!
    • Step 2 - Initial rough model, rig and basic script.
    • Step 3 - More advanced rig and scripting.
    • Step 4 - Further technical setup ideas.

Models & Textures

Script & Code



  • Materials - All you need to know about material declarations.
  • Templates - Setting up templates to save time and effort.
  • Surface Types - Available surface types for particle & sound effects.
  • Skins - Easily switch textures on surfaces.

Vehicle Scripting

Entity Scripting

  • Classes - Tree of entity types.
  • Events - List of all script events.
  • Examples - Some example walkthoughs of building up a scripted entity.
  • Script Files - List of the script files used by the game.



The Basics

Advanced Stuff



  • In-Game Models - Making models for use in the engine.
  • High-Poly Models - Making source models for baking normal maps.
  • Renderbump - Create normal maps from high-poly geometry.
  • Imposters - Sprites used for rendering complex models cheaply at a distance.



Terrain Editing

Atmospheres and Effects