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An Overview: What is ETQW:TV?

ETQW:TV is primarily aimed at competition gaming, where large audiences might want to watch high-profile matches without having to set up bandwidth-intensive and fixed-perspective video streaming.

ETQW:TV essentially allows a server to host extra spectator slots, but without having any performance impact on the main server. This is achieved by running a so-called repeater that then streams data to spectator clients connected to it. You can also set up relay servers that increase the number of spectators that can watch a match. By stringing several relays together, ETQW:TV can be used to broadcast matches to hundreds of spectators, who can all follow the match as if they were on the main server.

ETQW:TV also allows the feed operator to set up a deliberate broadcasting delay to prevent spectators from relaying information back to the players.

Getting Started

Connecting to an ETQW:TV relay server to spectate a tournament is exactly like joining a regular game. Simply open up the Server Browser by hitting Play Online at the Main Menu, then from the Source tab, select either InternetTV or LANTV (depending upon if it is a local or internet game you want to be spectating). Any available relay servers will be shown in the browser list under this filter. To join, simply double-click the server as you would when joining a normal session to play online.


Clients on a repeater may talk to other clients connected to the same repeater, but not to those on the main server, nor those on any other repeater in the chain, though they will be able to see global chat from the main server. Each viewer client's text will show their viewer index after their name, which can be used to kick abusive clients.

Client controls

As a client, you can spectate players on the server by double clicking their name in the Limbo Menu's player list. You can also cycle through all clients on the main server (including spectators) by pressing your attack key (left mouse button by default), and you can switch to free camera mode by pressing your alt attack key (right mouse button by default).

The speed of the camera can be controlled by changing the "pm_demoCamSpeed" cvar. You can also choose to spectate a specific client index or name by using the "setSpectateClient" console command.


There is currently no support for VoIP over repeaters.

Setting Up ETQW: TV Servers

Running an ETQWtv relay server is recommended only for advanced users (primarily GSP and Tournament admins). Support for ETQW:TV is available through the Community Site Server Admin Nexus ( with information available through the ETQW Wiki (